1981: After years of experience in manufacturing Card Clothings Günter Mehlhorn took the step and founded his own company

From 1990: The capacity in the nineties was constantly increased (yearly double digits)

From 1992: A building up a sales network in Europe

2001: Take over of the company by Rainer Mehlhorn

From 2002: Building up of a global sales network

2006: Over 1.500 articles are manufactured for the most versatile applications (cleaning, transporting, brushing, doseing, carding, sueding, napping, finishing)

2007: The new product generation "Premier Brush" for surface treatement of metalls, textiles, plastic, wood, glas etc. is being introduced to the industry on ITMA in Munich

2008: Complete Take Over of all manufacturing equipment and technical data of James Holdsworth Bros England

2011: The new steel wire Control Brush is successfully launched to treat and clean metal surfaces

2015: Hall construction – Extension of production area by around 1.000 square meters